C.T.E. The Daily Struggle's

This site is being redesigned to bring a much better and more educated version on the onset and treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from myself who at 45 years old have early onset Dementia Parkinsonisms and a host of other sometimes uncontrollable actions I have adopted as a way of life. I have only used the power of Marijuana and Hemp to treat this brain disease and to my knowledge I am alone in this train of thought which is perfectly fine with me as you will see I have figured a few things out thanks to some experts in different fields I will have on videos I will be adding as I go in this adventure of battling in the biggest fight of my life. This site will also include some new things such as nutrition,exercise,meditation and a general all around healthier lifestyle as opposed to what most are doing now eating shit. So sit back and participate as often as you’d like I am open to discuss things with most about CTE and related things only however.

How things got started.

Some past pictures of things I have done to get to where I am and how I help and medicate myself without prescription medications.

Jiu Jitsu Silver

My preferred way to Medicate.

My Helper Wags.

Speaking Is Also What I do..

I had the honor of speaking at a Suicide Prevention Fundraiser September 9th 2018.

Although C.T.E. has slowed me some a wise man once told me “Today is the best day of the rest of your life….” This had hung with me along time and it was said in regards to this disease I have changed it a little…


Jason Arnott 2017..